Issara Thai Massage
15 W. 43rd Ave.
San Mateo

 Your Day, Your Way

We want to offer the best Thai Massage in San Mateo.

Your Day, Your Way is all about enjoying the time to relax and experience  Traditional Thai Massage.
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    60 Minute Offerings
    Traditional Thai Massage $65.00 Combination Thai Massage $59.00 Aroma Thai Massage $59.00 Deep Tissue Massage $75.00
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    Traditional Thai Massage
    Traditional Thai massage also called "Thai massage" or "Thai yoga massage" is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.
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    Combination Thai
    Traditional Thai massage with a twist of oil for the back, legs and arms. The Oil has many qualities that help the skin and is also a soothing and aromatic adventure when using one of the lightly scented oils
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    Body Scrub
    Body Scrub Benefits Restores Skins Natural Glow Exfoliating Removes Dead Skin Cells Increases Circulation and the Natural Flow of Fluids in the Body Improves the Cellulite layer of the Skin Relaxation One Hour Body Scrub $75.00
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    Deep Tissue
    The pressure exerted on the various energy centers can be somewhat intense especially if you are experiencing significant muscle tension or a pinched nerve. Deep Tissue massage helps the natural detoxification which occurs as the lymphatic fluid carries the excess acid and waste products out of your body.
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    Aroma Thai
    The Aroma massage slowly takes away the strain of your day, it revitalizes your energy and leaves you relaxed and at peace.
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    Head & Shoulders
    Head and Shoulder massage is a directed application of massage to relieve the stress and pressures of the day. This massage will relax your upper body and mind freeing you to release the stress and pressures that affect your being. 45 minutes $49.00
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    90 Minute Offerings
    Traditional Thai Massage $95.00 Combination Thai Massage $85.00 Aroma Thai Massage $85.00 Body scrub & Thai Massage $125.00